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Bertrand Haag

The purchase was canceled but good communication for money back

Annette Cassin

прекрасный матрас. сначала показался каким-то не надежным, чтоли..но на деле очень удобный!

Esmeralda Paucek

All OK niezła quality.

Conner Lakin

i hope, it will last for a long time. can find narrow weldings on it. within three weeks to hungary. important. other manufacturer gave also a repair kot, but with this has not came any.

Jaycee McDermott

100% description

Lightweight inflatable cushion for camping, 20D nylon ultra-light compact waterproof air camping cushion, suitable for backpacking, traveling and hiking

This sleeping pad adopts unique ergonomic design, can perfectly match the natural curve of the human body, and has a three-dimensional surface. Comfortable and pleasant.

The sleeping pad can be deflated in a few seconds and stored in an 8" x3.5" inch package. It is small and portable.

The total weight of the sleeping bag is about 500 grams, made of high-quality nylon fabric and TPU laminate. It is lightweight and durable.


Product: Inflatable sleeping mat

Applicable season: 4 seasons

Reduced size: 78 x 31 inches (198 cm * 80 cm)

Inflatable size: 75 x 23 x 2.4 inches (190cm * 56cm * 5cm)

Storage bag size: 8.7 x 3.5 inches (22 cm * 9 cm)

Weight: 500g

Packing list:

1 x inflatable sleeping pad

1 x tote bag

Design and manufacture various sports and outdoor products for active people from all corners of the world. Our products are designed to meet the needs of customers in professional and active life, and improve their lifestyle as a whole without slowing down their life.

Don't let your sleep pad overwhelm you!

Are you exhausted from dragging a heavy sleeping mat every time you go camping? With this camping mat, you don't need to worry about the space of your backpack, and most importantly, it is super compact, lightweight and easy to carry!

Use sleeping pads to control your sleep!

After camping on cold, rocky or rugged terrain, is your sleep deprived? Well, this camping mat will refresh you! In all your outdoor adventures, you will be provided with static comfort and support to ensure the best night sleep!

Air mattresses are versatile and very convenient for outdoor travel! Use the inflatable bag to inflate quickly and easily, and you don't need to use your mouth to pump. You can use the inflatable bag as a pillow, waterproof carrying bag, vacuum laundry bag to carry all the parts of the product with you.

Features of our unique technology:

-Super light and comfortable!

-The unique diamond design touches all your pressure points, provides excellent support and comfort, and has a foamy feel.

-Double-acting air valve, easy to inflate and deflate.

-Insulation material can prevent the body from warming from the cold ground.

-100% waterproof, specially used for outdoor activities.

-Multifunctional inflatable bag, can be used as pillow, vacuum laundry bag, bag for carrying items or sleeping mat itself!

Rejuvenate your body: Our novel diamond design is specially made with body mapping technology. The diamond-shaped airbag is ergonomic and can support all your pressure points, no matter how you sleep, it can provide you with excellent support and comfort all night! Mats are also a luxury for camping, both comfortable and lightweight. It is rolled into small pieces for easy carrying.

Live as much as possible: Now is the time to plan a trip! Camp mats are easier to inflate than our inflatable bags. It has a double-acting non-leakage air valve that can inflate and deflate the mattress. The packaging is light and small, does not cause backache due to weight, and is easy to pack into a backpack. Keep it insulated, no matter in any weather, whether it is hiking, camping, backpacking or any other adventure activities, it is the perfect choice for your best sleep night!

Unique long-lasting durability: it is the cushion of all cushions! The sleeping pad is made of durable outdoor grade materials, such as 75D nylon. It has a thermal insulation function, which can keep your body away from the cold winter ground. It is 100% waterproof, which is very suitable for any outdoor activities. You can say goodbye to back soreness and other discomforts usually left by the bumps and rocks under the tent floor!

Everything you need outdoors: This exclusive item comes with a sleeping mat, a storage bag, and an inflatable bag. The design of the inflatable bag fully considers all your needs. In addition to inflating the mattress, it can also be used for many other purposes, such as pillows, waterproof handbags or laundry bags, and can also be used to carry sleeping mats!