2 Gallon Floor Mopping Water Bucket

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  • ✔️PLASTIC CLEANING BUCKETS WITH HANDLES: Maintain spotless surfaces and floors with the mop bucket, Plastic Cleaning Bucket. Ideal for properties and businesses with on-site maintenance.
  • ✔️2 GALLON CAPACITY: Whether scrubbing floors, washing cars, or working on other cleaning tasks, Perfect used as Mop bucket, car wash bucket, buckets for cleaning, lets you clean longer before changing water, can hold an ample amount of soapy water, which means less time spent dumpling and refilling.
  • ✔️POURING SPOUT: The cleaning bucket comes with an integrated spout for drip-free pouring. When emptying the 2 gallon bucket, the pouring spout directs contents appropriately, helping to keep surrounding work environments clean and dry for added safety.
  • ✔️STURDY AND DURABLE: Durable plastic cleaning bucket provides reliable performance as cleaning buckets with handles and can stand up to frequent, routine use, Built to last and maintain integrity through tough jobs.
  • ✔️COMFORT GRIP: makes it easy to carry around even when content is heavy. The handle ensures a secure hold when lifting, carrying, or moving the cleaning bucket, even when wearing thick work gloves.