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Sam Boyer

Arrivé très vite. Les photos de l'installation suivront..

Donnell Sipes

Très efficace !

Janis Hamill

Im very satisfied with the product, too bad its 30 cm x100 cm i wish there's a bigger one maybe 50 x 100 cm? The sticker looks durable I'd say. I haven't really communicated with the seller.

Aliyah Weissnat

Thank you order received

Dennis Kautzer

Tal como se promociona en la página. Si se ubican bien y se aseguran, sirven perfecto y evitan los daños del gato. Ya tenía otros y muy satisfecho. Recomendado.

PERFECT PROTECTOR-This furniture protectors is available in a 100% transparent Vinyl with an extra strong adhesive that blend seamlessly with your furniture to maintain the aesthetics of your living space.

EFFECTIVE FOR PET TRAINING-Once your cat knows that the surface is protected, it will eventually avoid scratching up that area. These furniture guards are made of clear Non Toxic vinyl that is 100% safe for your pets.

EASY TO APPLY-you have to do is Simply (1) Use it as a whole or Cut the sheet to the desired size. (2) Peel off the white Composite paper. (3)Stick the cat training tape on to the area your cat likes to scratch (4)At last peel off the white Composite paper to expose the sticky front-facing tape side.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED -Please feel free to tell us what we can do for you,we will reply in one business day. - We hope this is a pleasant and satisfying shopping for our customers.

NOTE:Type "For Leather Sofa" without nail, type "For Fabric Sofa"with nail. 


Product size:

XS:  14X30cm (Thick0.1MM)

S:    14X40cm  (Thick0.1MM)

M:   14X50cm  (Thick0.1MM)

L:    20X45cm  (Thick0.1MM)

XL:  30X40cm  (Thick0.1MM)

2XL: 30X45cm (Thick0.1MM)